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This site is dedicated to documenting the history and records of the historic Zion Lutheran Church Cemetery.  Once documented, as many  military veteran graves as possible will be identified for the recognition and honor they deserve.

This project is sponsored by the Zion Cemetery Committee:  Woody Farley (chairman), Sue  Quesienberry  , Bill Gardener, Rhonda Daiber, Pat Burton, and myself.  I am the project coordinator.

This is a living document and is meant to be updated or corrected as new informaton becomes available.

Pease feel free to comment.

Tom King

2 Responses to About this site

  1. John D Smith says:

    I am looking for my grandmother’s grave, which according to her death
    is located in your cemetery.
    Her name is
    Sarah Virginia Dickerson( but her death cert. lists it as Virginia Elizabeth
    –we called her Granny Ginny
    i was hoping you could look in your records and let me know if she is
    buried in your church’s cemetery
    Thank you so much
    John D Smith
    i attempted to email the address listed but it was returned to my server

  2. Sarah Cannon says:

    Benjamin Phlegar (1812-1892, buried in your cemetery) was my great-grandfather, my grandmother being the 19th of his 20 children. In the course of documenting family history, we have found he had two sons who grew up in Floyd and died in the Civil War but were buried where they died, George Washington Phlegar at Gettysburg and Samuel Gideon Sheyer Phlegar at the battle of Mt. Zion Church, GA. I wasn’t sure if this information would be useful to you or not but thought I’d share it with you. We support your efforts to remember the fallen heroes of Floyd.

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